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clarinetist, composer, choral and orchestral conductor



25 november 2020

Orchestra Siciliana di Clarinetti
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25 november 2020


Thanks to the kind editor Ilaria Mantovani and the director Filippo Michelangeli for contacting me and publishing this news in the magazine #suonarenews #ilariamantovani #ilportaledeimusicisti

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Seghizzi international composition competition - Gorizia

I am particularly happy that my composition "Tempora Labuntur" (text by Ovidio, Fasti book VI) is in the final round at the prestigious 59th edition international choral composition competition "Seghizzi" in Gorizia.

Therefore I will compete in the Composition Trophy next July 2020.

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15 december 2019

Concert of sacred music

Scordia (CT) st Domenico Savio Church 20.00

27 december 2019

Concert of sacred music

Caltagirone (CT) College's Church 20.00


14 april 2019

National composition competition

"Musiche delle Passione" Mottola (TA)

in the final in the composition competition "musiche della passione" city of Mottola (TA) with the composition for wind orchestra entitled "Elì", the composition was also awarded with a diploma of merit and a cash prize


7 december 2019

Sacred Music Choir Festival 

"Elio Muratori"

S. Lucia alla Badia ad Ortigia - (SR)


03 september 2018

in the final round in the Composition competition - Carrara Edition of Bergamo with the composition "O Sacrum Convivium".


01 november 2020

the ICOT Edition
(International Choral Organization of Tokyo)

publishes my piece to which it was assigned
2nd prize at the Japan International Choral Composition Competition 2020

Exsultate Justi

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